Re-write @ 6,472 words!!


Hello everyone,
In the last couple of months I have been revisiting the Neuroeconomics project and am currently undertaking a full, top-to-bottom rewrite, revising and expanding on the first edition.  The project should only take a couple months more, and after that I intend to develop a video presentation about the project as well as a lecture series, which will be taped and uploaded to the YouTube channel.
Things are coming along nicely with the revisions.  I’ve made my way through the new introduction and am rewriting the first chapter, and I’m already at over 6,000 words to cover what was about 2,500 words in the first edition.
This is a full scale, top-to-bottom re-write, with a great deal of new and expanded sections.  I expect the total work to be about triple the length of the first go around.
Thanks, as always, for your continued support, and there will be more updates soon.

Video! – Anatomy of the Mind part 1

So over the last few weeks I’ve been 1) putting together a 3-dimensional model of the diagram from my book Neuroeconomics by kit-bashing a bunch of K’Nex rollercoaster kits and 2) trying to make a video about it, and that video is now up on YouTube!

(Please don’t be intimidated by my incredible production values, my excellent video camera resolution, or the seamless nature of the sound quality… we do what we can with what we have.)

I’ll be making more videos explaining the ideas from the book with visual aids and examples and other easy-to-understand-making things, so if you’re into that sort of thing definitely subscribe to my channel, and while you’re there you can also check out recommended viewing playlists for both Neuroeconomics and But Not Forgotten as well as other stuff that is interesting.

Neuroeconomics – Recommended Viewing playlist is up!

Hi everyone!

Just a note to say I’ve thrown together this little YouTube playlist of talks, lectures, and other videos that are helpful for getting some perspective and background on my Neuroeconomics book.  There’s great stuff in there from Robert Sapolsky, Stephen Pinker, V.S. Ramachandran, Oliver Sacks, and several others.  Most of this was source material that was very helpful to me in writing the book (as were the books listed here), so I thought I would pass it along.

I’ll be adding to the list as I dig out or come across other videos that I forgot to include, and I’ve also put these links on the book’s main page.

Enjoy!  Be sure to let me know in comments if there’s a video or five that you think should be included!