Hey everybody,

I know I’ve been neglecting this website for some time now, but I definitely have been writing and hope to have a few new posts up starting in the next week.

Mostly things have been dead around here because for the last year and a half I’ve taken up a career in museums, specifically in collections management taking care of the 95% of the artworks and artifacts that a museum holds in storage when they’re not on view to the public. It’s a very rewarding line of work but it’s exhausting, and I’ve had very little time or energy to devote to my writing.

What I have been able to do is conceive of and begin writing my next book project, a moral philosophy book entitled Virtuous Vices: Defending the Seven Deadly Sins, which makes the claim that the seven most historically denegrated and decried of human urges are not all the evil they appear to be and takes them each in turn finding their higher, more enlightened humanistic value.  A few of the essays will be shared here on this website, and the rest will be available as they are written to the patrons who subscribe to my new page over on Patreon before the book comes out early next year.

I’m hoping that Patreon will be a way of facilitating my writing, and I hope if you’ve enjoyed my work so far you’ll consider supporting me this way.  There are reward tiers for contributions of $5, $10, and $25/month, and they include ebooks, physical books, and discount codes, plus access to Patron-only polls, giveaways, and updates.  The money I raise will go a long way toward enabling not only my current and future book projects, but also the essays I contribute here.

But Not Forgotten is not abandoned, just on hold for the moment because of the enormous amount of research that it requires.  I hope I’ll be able to get back to it soon.


Back from Hiatus/BNF Update

Hi everyone,

Just a note to say that about a year ago I got very sick and have been out of commission ever since, but I’ve recommenced work on my next book and I hope to be posting articles and videos again soon.


My research for But Not Forgotten is going well; I’ve restructured it a bit, my collection of digital files has grown to almost 3,000, and I’m finding lots of good stuff.  The chapter on lost art is coming along particularly well.  For one thing, I’ve found that there are actually photographs (of varying quality) of the 6 lost Van Goghs, which you can see in the gallery below:

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For Reddit users, I just created a subreddit (r/LostCulture) to share some of the stuff I’ve been coming across and to try and get some discussion going about lost media.  I hope it’ll be a way to connect with people who find this stuff as interesting as I do.

In other news, print copies of Neuroeconomics are currently out of stock, but ebook copies (as always) are still available on this website.  In the relatively near future I plan to come out with a second edition, and if all goes well I will have print copies again at that time.