Back from Hiatus/BNF Update

Hi everyone,

Just a note to say that about a year ago I got very sick and have been out of commission ever since, but I’ve recommenced work on my next book and I hope to be posting articles and videos again soon.


My research for But Not Forgotten is going well; I’ve restructured it a bit, my collection of digital files has grown to almost 3,000, and I’m finding lots of good stuff.  The chapter on lost art is coming along particularly well.  For one thing, I’ve found that there are actually photographs (of varying quality) of the 6 lost Van Goghs, which you can see in the gallery below:

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For Reddit users, I just created a subreddit (r/LostCulture) to share some of the stuff I’ve been coming across and to try and get some discussion going about lost media.  I hope it’ll be a way to connect with people who find this stuff as interesting as I do.

In other news, print copies of Neuroeconomics are currently out of stock, but ebook copies (as always) are still available on this website.  In the relatively near future I plan to come out with a second edition, and if all goes well I will have print copies again at that time.

BEHIND THE SCENES: A Snapshot of But Not Forgotten in progress + Video! Neuroeconomics getting born!


So I was going through some files and I laid out some of the printed material I had for But Not Forgotten.  That big stack, plus about 2,500 digital files and about 100 Evernote clips, is about where it’s at for the moment.  I’ve been coming across some great stuff and the structure is really starting to fill out.

Some of the cooler things I’ve found include the sunken cities of Baiae and Saeftinghe, and a lost 14th-century cartographical text called the Inventio Fortunata.

Joseph_Mallord_William_Turner_-_The_Bay_of_Baiae,_with_Apollo_and_the_Sibyl_-_Google_Art_ProjectApollo and the Sybil, J.M.W. Turner (1823)
showing the Ancient Roman resort city of Baiae in the background

2000px-Flag_of_Zeeland.svgThe flag of the Dutch province of Zeeland,
depicting a lion emerging from the sea

Mercator_north_pole_1595Mercator projection of the North Pole (where no one had ever been)
Inventio Fortunata (1595)


There’s some great stuff I’ve been working on for the lost film chapter, including these recovered images from 1911’s The Durbar at Delhi or, With Our King and Queen Through India, which was a documentary film depicting the celebrations held throughout India upon the coronation of King George V.  Though only black and white images have been preserved, the film was the first movie to have been shot in a live-color process.

Buffalo Bill’s The Indian Wars (1914),
a sprawling war epic of which 1 minute and 58 seconds remains

The Great Gatsby (1927),
the only version of the story made during the Jazz Age, came out the year after the book
The trailer is all that survives.

and there’s a (completely under construction) playlist of cool videos related to the book here:

I’ve also started a small collection of postcards that show buildings that are now demolished, some of which will be included in the chapter on lost architecture.

IMG_6947The Singer Building, Old Park Row, the Hippodrome

I also found some footage I took of the first printing of my first book, Neuroeconomics: an Applied Information Theory, being printed on the Espresso Book Machine at the Tattered Cover Bookstore back in February of last year, so I cut it together and put it up on YouTube.

IMG_4565It came in at 12 oz., 6×9″. :)

So that’s all for now, I hope to have a few new articles up very soon, and I’ll be posting more updates like this as the book goes on.