Any Port in the Storm, Apparently
A Naked Emperor is Bad for Us All
A Tale of Two Gatsbys
It’s a Strange Time to Be a Writer
No Laughing Matter
Chez McDo
The “Meaninglessness” of Physics
You Don’t Have to Be Charlie, But You Must Fight For Those Who Are
Special Farces – The Problem of Stolen Valor
The Great 20th-Century Funnel – On the Gulf Between Television and the Internet
The “Next!” Factor – On the Nature and Varieties of Bad Talent
We Need to Talk about “The ‘N-word'”
Millions Sold: The Books at Every Thrift Store
The Legend of John Kilduff
Super ’80s
I’m Not Going to College
Men and Women are People First, and That’s What We Should Care About
As Bad As It Is, the Kardashian Book is Not the Problem

The Tide Pools of Cancale, FRANCE
Forest, Location Undisclosed, FRANCE
The Boat Cemetery, St. Malo, FRANCE
G. Fouquet – The Mucha Room at the Musée Carnavalet, Paris
Franglish – Part I
The Bizarre Wax Figures at the Forney Museum of Transportation
Chihuly Denver
The Coco Palms, Kauai, HI, USA

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