Franglish – Part I


After about a year and a half total in France I have a small collection of “Franglish” pictures, so I thought I’d share some of the highlights. These are all 100% real things that I’ve found being sold in grocery/department stores throughout the country.

There are some that seem like they were made by putting various English phrases into a hat and just printing whichever got pulled out:

Some that are mistranslations:

IMG_6114“Washable Lint Roller”

Some that are just deeply unfortunate:

IMG_3884Mmm… Human Cola Light…

And there are the ones that do strange mash-ups or just insert English words into the names of the products:

I think Durex might be confused about what jeans are…

The best though, by far, are the t-shirts.  One of my favorites (though sadly I don’t have a picture) just said “Detroit, New York City”.  A close runner-up though, is this beauty:


And then there’s this amazing, wonderful thing, on which I counted no fewer than 40 clichés, truisms, slogans, and song lyrics, complete with typos and grammatical errors:


More soon (when I get the chance)!

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