Just a few of the images I’m writing about in the section on complexity from the first chapter.  Some illustrations from Robert Hooke’s Micrographia, Ernst Haeckel’s radiolarians, and the Mandelbrot set.  From the chapter:

Technology, and indeed nearly advance in every natural field, has served continually reinforce not only that we live in a world that is made of complexity, but also that it behaves in a complex way.  Whether we examine the inner workings of our bodies and systems, or whether we look, at any scale, at the behavior and activity of other animals, we can see clearly that complex groups and entities interact through highly complex means, which can, and must, be studied in several ways at a time in order to understand them properly.

It seems, in general, that complexity is a pervasive and substantive function of the construction of our universe that is well preserved at every level and every scale.  Simplicity is not the norm, nor is it anything more than an illusion created by the brain to maintain our ability to deal with a complex environment.  But from this basis alone our investigation of complexity is still incomplete.

Re-write @ 6,472 words!!


Hello everyone,
In the last couple of months I have been revisiting the Neuroeconomics project and am currently undertaking a full, top-to-bottom rewrite, revising and expanding on the first edition.  The project should only take a couple months more, and after that I intend to develop a video presentation about the project as well as a lecture series, which will be taped and uploaded to the YouTube channel.
Things are coming along nicely with the revisions.  I’ve made my way through the new introduction and am rewriting the first chapter, and I’m already at over 6,000 words to cover what was about 2,500 words in the first edition.
This is a full scale, top-to-bottom re-write, with a great deal of new and expanded sections.  I expect the total work to be about triple the length of the first go around.
Thanks, as always, for your continued support, and there will be more updates soon.